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Web3 Connect - The rise of borderless knowledge

FrontierDAO is excited to announce the official introduction of Web3 Connect, a series of events designed to connect like-minded enthusiasts and share Web3 knowledge among worldwide educational communities.
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Published Apr 06 2023
Updated Jun 21 2023
3 min read

With the vision of “Empower the next-gen of Web3 Builders”, FrontierDAO is constantly expanding its influence to deliver activities that help incubate and develop the next generation of potential builders, while promoting the industry.

What is Web3 Connect?

Youngsters are the potential generation for the explosive growth of Web3 and blockchain technology; however, the majority of them have not had access to a source of sufficient knowledge about the industry as well as its career opportunities. As a result, Web3 Connect was created as a means to assist them.

Web3 Connect is an idea under FrontierDAO which aims to visit numerous universities, colleges and other educational institutions to offer specialized internal training and workshops to students and club members across the globe, with Vietnam as the first destination.

Since Web3 or Blockchain is a vast concept with countless topics to be explored, the topic and content presented at each event is diverse and comprehensive. It will be tailored based on the industry nature and advice taken directly from each organization to guarantee that the entry is relevant and that the youngsters are receptive. 

The event's speakers are all top industry experts with extensive experience and knowledge in the Web3 space. This is a chance to bridge the gap with youngsters so that they can engage and receive answers about blockchain from thought leaders.

Moreover, Web3 Connect is a great opportunity for attendees to interact and connect with like-minded people, thereby expanding their relationships in the journey of learning and working in blockchain space.


Who are suitable for Web3 Connect?

Web3 Connect is for all university students, particularly third and fourth year students, fresh graduates, and alumni of universities or members of various educational institutions in any domains that could adopt blockchain technology. The shared industry knowledge and skills will serve as a foundation for them to discover potential career and business opportunities in this field.

Web3 Connect values Inclusiveness, as stated by FrontierDAO, “Anyone willing to learn, try, and build is welcome in our community, regardless of who they are or where they come from. All they need is an open mind and a powerful desire to ride the next Web3 surge”.


What is the format of Web3 Connect?

Web3 Connect will have a diverse format from keynote sessions, panel discussions and intensive workshops with the aim of bringing knowledge and excitement for our participants. Along with the knowledge, they will gain industry insights to help direct their future work.

There will also be activities such as games and quizzes taking place during the event with gifts for the participants. Joy motivates engagement!

Looking forward

Web3 Connect is expected to be a significant series of events aimed at educating potential young generations about blockchain technology and the future of Web3. Furthermore, Web3 Connect serves as a gateway to industry organizations such as Coin98 and many other reputable organizations on the journey of building and growing Web3. 

In the upcoming weeks, in collaboration with our partners, such as Coin98 and Blockbase, FrontierDAO will soon host a Web3 Connect series to reach and host sharing sessions about blockchain and Web3 at Vietnamese universities and colleges. Stay tuned for our update!

The journey of Web3 Connect has officially begun, if you are interested in connecting with us, please fill out this form:

About FrontierDAO

FrontierDAO is an initiative powered by Coin98 with a main focus on onboarding the mass public into the Web3 space, and further leveraging the power of Web3 for the greater good. Members of FrontierDAO will get equipped with professional Web3 competencies while promoting the industry.

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